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The Most Important Thing Is YOU!

        The Greatest Thing In Life Is YOU!



Training is a way of Life is the motto of owner and personal fitness COACH Marquis Walker. As a former Professional Football Player, he has a great knowledge of personal fitness and training and understands the value of discipline to get the results you desire.  Marquis developed a passion for good health and fitness and has developed it as a lifestyle not as an exercise plan.

As a native of St. Louis, MO Marquis competed in track, football and basketball at Sumner High School. In a desire to advance in physical fitness and establish a healthy lifestyle, Marquis has competed in track and football as a college athlete at Southeast Missouri State University. Marquis completed his college career at Southeast Missouri State University as a member of the 1st team All American  team. He began his professional football career in 1996 by joining the St. Louis Rams in the position of Cornerback. During the first year as a rookie, through his self determination and will to be the best in his professional career he became a star player in the starting lineup of the St. Louis Rams.  Marquis later went to play for the Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders and the Detroit Lions. During these years as a Professional Marquis played along side some of the greatest defensive backs of all time such as Todd Lyght, Darnell Walker, Albert Lewis, Eric Turner, Charles Woodson, and Hall of Famers Darryl Green and Eric Allen.

In 2002, Marquis Walker retired from the National Football League to pursue his interest in teaching and coaching high school sports.

Marquis’s passion led him to share his life experiences and motivation with today’s  youth. As a result of such passion he designed a comprehensive training program for that include specialized training and skills techniques in various fields of sports.

Marquis believes that HARD WORK, DETERMINATION and STAYING focus are key factors in achieveing any thing in life. That is what motivates him to go the EXTREME to see everyone be the Best in the building and maintaining of a healthy LIFESTYLE.