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Our Foundation Principles

The Marquis Walker Foundation is built on great principles.  It is structured around some very basic and fundamental values and philosophies about treating people, children, and adults with respect and dignity — we call them our Foundation Principles™.


What are the Foundation Principles™?

Our Foundation Principles™ are:

1.  One Great Person equals 3 Good People!

2.  Communication is Leadership

3.  When you fill someone’s heart with love; helping them becomes that much easier.

4.  The best solution for helping someone is LOVE + TIME x JESUS = HELP

5.  Change does not come to an unprepared mind, You have to educate before change  happens.

6.  Man in the desert - This is our selling philosophy and we use it to illustrate how we astonish people by exceeding their expectations.  Imagine being lost in the desert. You’ve been wandering for weeks. You stumble across an oasis, where you’re offered a glass of water. If you stop to think about what your needs are, they are far much more than that glass of water! You need food, a place to sleep, a phone to call your love ones, maybe a pair of shoes, and a hat to screen the sun’s rays. The Marquis Walker Foundation knows the community needs more than a free turkey, free toys for Christmas, but programs to build a better everyday life for our community.

7.  Air of excitement - Three steps in the door and you can tell if someone can help you. And we know that The Marquis Walker Foundation has it! “Air of Excitement” is our Volunteers’ smiling faces and genuine concern for our community’ needs. It’s the bright, visual, innovative and conversation-provoking volunteers that work. It’s our unique, well-organized tactics.  In helping others, people can sense when you are true, when you love your job and are excited about helping others. It’s an attitude that’s contagious and makes people want to get up and change. A visit with Marquis Walker Foundation is a one-of-a-kind experience that involves our people, our community and our persistence for astonishing the community. You have to see it to believe it!

How the Foundation Principles™ came about?

As Marquis Walker (Chairman and Founder) struggled with how to clearly communicate our principles and values to our community, he referred back to his days as a youth growing up in the inner city with a single parent home. He chose many examples from his past to relate and communicate the message that no matter how big the task may become, our guiding principles and values would stay the From this, over time he has condensed his values to become our Foundation Principles™.

The Foundation Principles™ were formalized in 1996, when we started our foundation. The Marquis Walker Foundation reevaluated our community with a closer eye of occurances it surrounds. From the day we opened the doors, we have helped three times as many children than we have ever experienced during any of the previous years, which also became quite overwhelming to our volunteers. We already had over 25 children that we were helping build strong values, better academic habits, and cultural understanding. However, communicating this to an entire community, most of whom had never been exposed to our kindness or principles, was quite a challenge.


Successes from the program

By understanding and supporting these principles, we have helped over 20 young men get into college and at least 15 mothers find employment or an educational institution to further their educational worth. In other words, we are a unit-bridge that assist the less fortunate and find better avenues of making a productive life for others and those surrounded by them.

So, instead of using the typical tactics of connecting with the community base, we seized the moment to guide our decision making processes.  We used our Foundation Principles™ to keep us on track by focusing and creating future community leaders. With this combination of values and driven energy, our foundation goes door to door in poverty stricken areas to relate and deliver our message face to face with those in need of an effective way of living.


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